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A Creative Tithe is a tenth of a tenth (1%) of a person’s income, given to an artist's practice.

Works sponsored via Creative Tithing, are given away at no cost to the recipient.   

Any community can support any artist.

With the cost of their practice covered, the artist can now give the work to anyone, no longer just those who can afford it.

Artists’ commitment to the creative tithe practice ranges from six months to one year, with the possibility of extension. Commitments are re-upped yearly.

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We are transforming our relationship to art by applying the principles of Jesus to the art market.

Through this practice, we as artists who strive to put God first, are compelled to create our best work and give the fruit of this labor away freely to others.

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Through the sacrificial giving of the tithe, and the art inspired by it, arts funding will be more diverse and intimate, and the art will be free.