creative Tithing

Because One is a group of artists exploring faith and art, it makes sense that we would explore faith inspired models of arts funding and distribution. Creative Tithing is such an exploration. Three artists from One are going on a journey to find out what happens when you accept tithes to support your practice and then give your work as a gift. Join us on this journey as we explore this ancient spiritual practice.

Creative Tithing Artists


Corey Gearhart / Stefanie Cohen

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Creative Tithing at a glance


A Creative Tithe is a tenth of a tenth of a person’s income, given to an artist's practice.


Work created by the artist is given away and performed as a gift.


Any community can support any artist with their creative tithe.


With the cost of their practice covered, the artist is free to explore new dimensions in their work and to give this work to anyone


We are transforming our relationship to art by applying the principles of Jesus to the art market.

Through this practice, we as artists who strive to put God first, are compelled to create our best work

and give the fruit of this labor away freely to others.



Through the sacrificial giving of the tithe, and the art inspired by it, arts funding will be more diverse and the art will be free.