The Beautiful Body

"Come, all of you who thirst, come to the waters; and you without money, come, buy, and eat!”

- Isaiah

Jesus cares about the inner and outer life of those who live in poverty.

Jesus cares about the overlooked and those without options or networks.

So if there are vastly more people living in poverty then there are living in luxury, why does the trajectory of our culture's art making gravitate toward the taste and experiences of the wealthy?

In the kingdom of God, is beauty only reserved for those with means? Are the fruits of contemplation and creative focus only for those who can afford them?

How can an understanding of the artist-christian as a member of the classless Body of Christ help resolve these dissonances and point to a different economy of art?

The social collaboration between different forms of work deepens as we expand our understanding of what creative work can be and how fluidly it extends across disciplines. In the Body, there are a variety of vocations; each propelled by different spiritual gifts. In the Body, we are all an expression of the ongoing work of the Source. An artist is not an isolated producer who supplies passive consumers. But rather, the artist creates within the larger living work of the community. No matter what form or style of art they employ, the artist-christian is a co-operator in this process of the Body of the Christ.

But more profoundly, as disciples, this way of working in God comes alive when we ask, not just with our words, but with our being, these two related questions:

"How is the Christ currently making all things new?


"How is the Christ making all things new within our work?"

Our deepest work is not for itself. It is to make manifest the Creator's love for life and enflesh it as a community. When diverse forms of work unify at this level in the Body, they manifest an infinite God in the beautiful moment of ordinary and shared action. It is here in the act of giving, receiving and making together that we - no matter our worldly status - experience the beauty and fullness of the Body's form. This creative form that pours itself out for the love of the world.

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